Case Studies

Brands come to Planet Media to align with the 175,000 university students across New Zealand. Planet Media offer acces online, in their hands and on-campus to this often hard-to-reach audience.

We are proud of the results we have achieved for our clients see below for some informtion about what our clients have said.


Electoral Commission

Planet Media worked with the Electoral Commission to disseminate information across the New Zealand University population for the general election 2020.

From Orientation (February/March), through a global pandemic, a delay with the election, through to voting Day, Planet Media worked closely with the New Zealand University Students' Associations and the Electoral Commission to make sure the information was presented correctly, at the right time in the campaign.

The Electoral Commission was present at every location which Planet Media represents (nine campuses in various capacity), and utilised all of the services which are available:

University Magazines


OOH (Out of Home) Digital and Poster campaigns

Onsite Activations

Changing with the global pandemic was a challenge, but successfully navigated by Planet Media.

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