Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

Estimated National Audience: 29,014

Our mission: To give a voice to AUT’s diverse student body and bring vibrancy and meaning to life on campus.

​Our purpose: “To be the heart of AUT, proudly representing, serving and advocating for all students”.

We’re a small team of busy people doing our best to make AUT a fun, safe and enjoyable place to be for all students. We run events and activities to give you a break from all that swot, publish a kickass student magazine, offer a range of clubs and societies, represent your interests within the university, offer legal advice when you’re in a sticky situation, help you find a job while you’re studying and much, much more!

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Planet Media are very easy to deal with. They offered us an option to get in touch with all New Zealand universities quickly and with one point of contact.

Looking forward to my next catch up with the team!

Craig (Red Bull New Zealand University engagement manager)
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